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Our prescription builder was designed to aid practitioners in assembling the right pieces for the desired treatment direction. Simply open up the builder and the step-by-step process will walk you through the construction of your patient’s new orthotics



Atlas is a proven company operating since 2006. We are relied on daily for Orthotic products, footwear and cutting edge inventory solutions by many of the leading laboratories, and clinical partners.

Active Diabetic

For the diabetic or anyone where the primary fitness activity is walking, this devices provides stability, support and pallation during their daily activities.

  • 2mm carbon flex shell
  • Poron arch fill
  • Poron 1/8 and plastizote top covering
All Sport

Specifically constructed to meet the needs of patients who require increased motion control in a lightweight resilient device. Fits most athletic footwear types.

  • 2mm or 3mm poly pro shell
  • Full length sport ETC coverings
Casual Ultra Flex

Orthotics designed for patients who require support and flexibility in their day to day activities. Fits most shoes with the exception of narrow dress style footwear. An excellent product for clients who require one pair of orthotics for use in both athletic or casual footwear.

  • 2mm or 3mm carbon flex shell
  • Full length supreme ETC covering
Dress Flex

For Him, or Her, low profile device for use in slip on or lace dress shoes, designed to promote enhanced biomechanical control with reduced bulk.

  • 2mm carbon shell
  • 1/16 starsuede top covering
  • Narrow orthotic grind
Pump Flex

Sleek low profile orthotic allowing mild biomechanical control for use in women's high heel shoes.

  • Carbon shell
  • Narrow tapered grind design
  • 1/16 starsuede top covering

Device designed to provide high levels of control with design features allowing maximum shock absorption. Best suited for casual, workplace and active footwear which allow depth for device.

  • High control level
  • Semi rigid poly pro shell with arch fill
  • Full length puff top covering with Underlay

Trilaminate shell, designed to provide soft cushioning and enhanced support. Ideal device for sensitive clients who require gentle support. Full fitting casual footwear suggested. Not recommended for dress or athletic footwear due to bulk and design

Sport Flex

Designed to meet the needs of active clients requiring motion control, and shock absorption. This is an ideal device for athletic activities and workplace footwear for individuals who perform long periods of standing or walking.

  • 2mm carbon shell
  • Poron arch fill
  • Sport ETC top cover
  • Full Underlay

Orthotics constructed utilizing a semi-flexible shell design to provide motion control and comfort for children. Suited for athletic footwear and casual day to day youth footwear.

  • Carbon Flex
  • Sport ETC top covering
Gait Plate Out Toe

The orthosis for the child with intoeing gait aimed to limit intoeing during gait to increase stability and decrease tripping while preventing pronatory compensation and subtalar subluxation. These devices have an extended shell to the distal edge of the 1st metatarsal heads to encourage motion.

Gait Plate Toe

The orthosis for the child with outtoeing gait aimed to limit outtoeing during gait to increase stability. These devices have an extended shell to the distal edge of the 5th metatarsal heads to encourage motion.

Youth UCBL

Specialty device for children and adults with flexible flat feet requiring maximum control and correction. Rigid device with medial and lateral flanges and comfort eva top covering.

  • RCH or polypro shell design
  • Raised medial and lateral flanges
  • Puff top covering

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